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Our Classes

  • Learn to swim from scratch or take a technique to the next level. Indi...

    45 min

    1,290 Czech korunas
  • Introduction to basic swim skills and breathing. People without fear w...

    45 min

    690 Czech korunas
  • Continue improving your swimming to the next level. Skills required fo...

    1 hr

    690 Czech korunas
  • Work on performance aspects & technique endurance. Skills required for...

    1 hr

    690 Czech korunas
  • Flip turns, open turns, free-diving, starts, jumps, falls, open water ...

    45 min

    390 Czech korunas
  • Get stronger immunity by swimming in a cold water in a wetsuit or with...

    45 min

    190 Czech korunas

About skill levels

Level 0 Non-swimmers

You have fear of water from bad experience or from not knowing what moves to do. You feel you going down and sinking. You want to overcome fear and learn to swim properly. If it’s you, take private lessons and start from scratch.

Level 1 Beginners

You can do some moves but also you need more experience. You can swim at least 25 metres with head above the water, but you are very quickly tired. You don’t have any fear of deep water. You want to learn to swim better with a good technique level. Start with fundamental classes or private lessons.

Level 2 Advanced

You know how to swim but need to learn and practice more skills. You can swim Breaststroke or Front Crawl with exhale underwater without stopping for at least 100 metres. You can tread water with head above for at least 30s. You want to improve technique and learn all possible swim skills. If yes, then advanced technique class is for you.

Level 3 Performance

You can swim Front Crawl or Breaststroke faster than 1:50 minutes/100 metres. You can exhale underwater and tread water easily. You want to work on performance and speed as well as technique. If this is your case, you can choose performance classes.

Junior Level 2

Kids older than 10 years can swim at least 25 metres with some technique in a deep pool. They can float and they don’t have fear of deep water. They want to learn to swim all styles with good level of technique and have swimming as a part of active lifestyle.


The swimming lesson is always private. It's flexible in schedule, you can book as you like. If you have a second person, you share the price. Lessons do not require any skill levels and because of that, they are very effective for learning from scratch or improving technique.


Swim classes are always in small groups. Therefore there is a skill requirement even for the beginner level. If you are not a very confident swimmer but you have some basics, you can join the fundamental L1 class to start. Classes are flexible and you can book as per schedule.


Courses are usually thematically oriented and have fixed dates and times, therefore, are less flexible. They are organized for various levels and also as private courses. The private course is always limited to 3-4 swimmers with level L1 or better. 

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