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Learn new water skills and widen your horizons with our professional swimming coaching designed exclusively for adults on any level.

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We offer a range of swimming programs to cater to your individual goals and skill levels. Our programs include private lessons, group classes, stroke correction, endurance training, and more. With flexible scheduling options available during weekdays, morning, evenings, and weekends, you can find a coaching session that fits your busy lifestyle.

Our classes

  • Learn to swim from scratch or take a technique to the next level. Indi...

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun

    45 min

  • Introduction to basic swim skills and breathing. People without fear w...

    Wed, Fri

    45 min

  • Continue improving your swimming to the next level. Skills required fo...

    Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

    1 hr

  • Work on performance aspects & technique endurance. Skills required for...

    Tue, Thu, Sun

    1 hr

  • Flip turns, open turns, free-diving, starts, jumps, falls, open water ...


    45 min

  • Get stronger immunity by swimming in a cold water in a wetsuit or with...


    45 min

"The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it."

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Hi there!

I'm Lukas, the head coach of Team Freestylers in Prague.

As a professional swimming coach, I'm committed to providing top-quality instruction and training to help you become the best swimmer possible. My coaching philosophy emphasizes discipline and patience as we work together to help you to swim like never before. Read more...

The Experience

Reasons why to choose Freestylers

Personalised Approach

We believe in taking a personalised approach to coaching, understanding that each swimmer has unique strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we take the time and provide tailored coaching strategies to help you reach your goals with your own pace, whether improving technique, building endurance, or learning from scratch and overcoming fear.

Passion for Teaching

We are passionate about coaching swimming and helping you unlock your full potential. We are committed to providing a supportive and encouraging learning process that fosters growth, development, and confidence in the water. We want you to enjoy more of the swimming and open the whole new horizons of adventures

Excellent Communication

Clear communication is essential in coaching, and we excel in effectively communicating instructions, feedback, and guidance to swimmers of all ages and skill levels. We are skilled at breaking down complex techniques into simple, understandable concepts, making it easy for swimmers to grasp and apply.

Motivational and Supportive

We understand that swimming can be physically and mentally challenging. We are skilled at motivating and supporting our swimmers to push past their limits and overcome obstacles. We provide positive reinforcement, encouragement, and inspiration to help swimmers stay motivated and achieve their best.

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Freestylers Swimming

Bazén Podolí

Podolská 43/72

147 00 Praha 4

Hlavní Město Praha

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