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Scared Beginner

Scared Beginner

I feel very anxious when I think about being in the water. I had a bad experience before, making it very difficult for me to be comfortable around water. Even basic swimming skills are a challenge for me, and I worry about what would happen if I accidentally fell into deep water. I definitely feel the need to start from scratch to overcome fear and learn to swim correctly.

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Skills Description

You experience a high level of discomfort and anxiety when it comes to water, possibly due to negative experiences in the past. You may become very tense and experience panic reactions when putting your head into the water. Basic water safety skills, such as floating and remaining calm, are too complex for you to perform. Additionally, you have a great fear of being in deeper waters, which can cause panic reactions and stress just thinking about it.

Best Program

A block or fear indicates a lack of trust, which is evident if you have never had a chance to experience and learn the skills before. It takes time to build trust with the water, to become familiar with its physics and rules, and to learn to relax. This process may take longer than you expect. The key is to accept that it is a journey - you gaining control of your body in the water, not vice versa. When fear of water is present, there are only two options to start with: One on One Trauma Coaching Program or a Fundamental Swim Skills Class.

Why It's Suitable

The trauma and fear coaching program approach is perfect for individuals who fear water. It prepares you for the next step in the journey. The one-on-one attention allows for a safe, supportive conditions where you can gradually build trust, overcome fears, and master the basics at your own pace with a patient approach from the coach. A More budget-friendly option is to enrol in a Fundamental Swim Skills Class, organised in a small group, we practice basic skills until you can get to the next stage of learning.

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Trauma Coaching Program

One on One individual lessons where coach is focused only on you with patience

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Skill Level Assessment

You can always come to class and get assessment directly from the coach at pool

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Fundamental Swim Skills

Small group class where you can practice as much as you need before levelling up

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